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PNG alternatives for logo

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for dpi in 150 300 600 1200
convert -background none -density $dpi fmigo-logo-plain.svg fmigo-logo-${dpi}dpi.png
zopflipng fmigo-logo-${dpi}dpi.png -y fmigo-logo-${dpi}dpi.png
......@@ -5,9 +5,15 @@
<body style="margin:0 auto;padding:0.5em;max-width:50em">
<header style="center">
<div style="text-align:center">
<img src="fmigo-logo-plain.svg" width="50%" alt="FMIGo logo"/>
<source type="image/png" media="(max-width: 242px)" srcset="fmigo-logo-150dpi.png" />
<source type="image/png" media="(max-width: 484px)" srcset="fmigo-logo-300dpi.png" />
<source type="image/png" media="(max-width: 968px)" srcset="fmigo-logo-600dpi.png" />
<source type="image/png" srcset="fmigo-logo-1200dpi.png" />
<img src="fmigo-logo-plain.svg" width="50%" alt="FMIGo logo"/>
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